Knowledge Graph Optimization – How I became an Entity

A few months ago I read the very popular post from Andrew Isidoro – I Am an Entity: Hacking the Knowledge Graph. Before that I knew very little about know the knowledge graph knew that most entries for knowledge graph are sourced from Wikipedia, freebase and that occasionally you get a Google+ result if a business has a page. Andrew’s post was an eye opener – finally an actionable case study that explained a lot more about how the Knowledge Graph works and what is Freebase.

In 2010 Google hit a milestone with its acquisition of Metaweb and its semantic database now known as Freebase. This database helps to make up the Knowledge Graph; an archive of over 570 million of the most searched-for people, places and things (entities), including around 18 billion cross-references. A truly impressive demonstration of what a semantic search engine with structured data can bring to the everyday user.

Moment of Success:

I can help you to get yourself listed in the Knowledge Graph list through this blog post. I have to say I can’t guarantee following these steps will work for everyone – it worked for me and I’m quite sure anyone can repeat this. Please be carefull, don’t ​misuse or misguide or spam this.

Requirements for Knowledge Graph:

A few hours of your time
Basic coding skills
Ideally your own site/blog – can be on a free hosting
Social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn
Account on Freebase

Here’s what I’ve done in steps:

I then went onto set up a Freebase account and then carefully started inserting my own Topic: Myself. I used Andrew’s profile and aimed at getting as many entries as he had – in the best way I could. I focused on elements like age, date of birth, career, description etc I took an hour or two to complete as many things as I could.
Then waiting started – I made that profile in earlyish December I think – completed all actions within the next few days. Then I patiently waited and waited. I checked almost every day until today I finally noticed I can ask Google things like my age, job, birthdate and place of birth:



I am not an expert in this area – I do love the concept though and I do believe that learning about Schema and how Google is using Freebase to populate Knowledge Graph is an essential learning for anyone who dares to call themselves a ‘SEO expert’ (or ninja, or guru, whatever tickles your fancy).

I do believe there are better processes to get into the Knowledge Graph – my profile is still missing so many of things like the photo just to mention one.

It’s all on my to-do list – I aim to improve my profile with time and to fix other things and experiment more with Schema.

I really hope more case studies will come up with uses of Freebase – please don’t go just spamming it, use it to become an entity and a topic – not for rankings or links…

I wish you all the luck and I look forward to any comments.


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